Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital Transparency

In this transparency space, we present public interest information generated by our Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe, in compliance with Law 1712 of 2014 (transparency law).

1. Contact mechanisms with the obligated subject

Contact mechanisms with Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe
  • Physical spaces designated for contact with Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe
  • Landlines and mobile phones, toll-free lines and fax, including the national and international code.
  • Institutional email
  • Physical or postal address
  • Electronic form for requests, requests, complaints, claims and complaints
  • Contact us on our website
Physical location, branches or regional offices, hours and days of customer service
  • Location of the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital
  • Physical location of headquarters, areas, regional, etc.
  • Hours and days of service.
  • Link to branch or regional contact details.
Email for judicial notifications
Website information security and personal data protection policies

Access the policies, here

2. Information of Interest

  • Open data
  • Web Accessibility Certificate (PENDING)
  • Studies, research and other publications
  • Calls
  • Activities Calendar
  • Information for girls, boys and adolescents
  • Information for women (Link to IAMII information in the “Information for families and patients” button - Pediatric hospitalization) PENDING
  • Information and education for patients and families (Link to Information button for families and patients) PENDING
  • Additional Information

3. Organic structure and human talent

  • Mission and vision
  • Functions and duties
Organization chart
  • Organizational structure of the entity
  • Description of the organic structure, giving general information about each division or agency
  • Human talent
  • Applicants
Contact directory
  • Ministry of Health
  • National Health Superintendence
  • Sectional Secretariat of Health and Social Protection of Antioquia
Directory of unions, associations and other interest groups

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Job vacancies

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4. Regulations

5. Budget

Total allocated budget
  • Budget 2019
  • Budget 2018
Budget Execution

Budget execution 2019

Budget execution 2018

financial statements

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6. Planning

Policies, guidelines and manuals
  • Sectoral and institutional policies and guidelines.
  • Insurance client manual
  • Corporate image manual (PENDING)
  • Good governance code
  • Accountability Plan
Goals, objectives and management and/or performance indicators

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7. Control

Management, evaluation and audit reports
  • Accountability report to citizens, including the response to requests made by citizens, before and during the accountability exercise.
  • Reports to inspection, surveillance, and control agencies.
  • Implementation report of the Code of Conduct and Good Governance 2022
  • Report_ COPASST
Control entities that oversee the entity and supervision mechanisms.

Administrative oversight and control by the National Superintendence of Health:

National Health Superintendence

PBX: +57 601 744 2000 | Free Line

National: 01 8000 513 700 | Fax: +57 601 744 2000 Option 4

Administrative Headquarters

Carrera 68A N°. 24B - 10, Torre 3, Piso 4, 9 y 10

Edificio Plaza Claro, Bogotá D.C.

Monday a Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Internal and external mechanisms for supervision, notification, and relevant oversight concerning the obligated subject.
  • Transparency line
  • Management bodies
Information for vulnerable population

Access our sustainability report here.

8. Hiring

Publication of procedures, guidelines, and policies regarding procurement and purchases.

9. Procedures and services

Care procedures or protocols (Link to information button for patients and families) PENDING

10. Public information management instruments

  • Register of information assets
  • Description of organizational structure (Link to organizational chart) PENDING
  • Location of headquarters and areas -
  • Divisions or departments
    Divisions or departments - Customer service hours
  • General and regulatory standards
  • Performance indicators
  • Annual purchasing plan
Index of classified and reserved information

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Document management program

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Document retention tables

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11. Passive transparency

Contact us

Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe Phone: +57+(604) 445 90 00

Transparency line: 01-8000-11-47-88


Congratulations, suggestions and complaints

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12. Protection of personal data

Compliance with the principles and obligations of the general personal data protection regime.

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