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Our commitment is to your well-being, offering quality care in an environment of respect and humanity.

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Testimonials with soul
Testimonials with soul
Listen to the touching story of Anthony Vélez Osorio's mom, who shares with us the journey filled with challenges, hope, and unity that they have experienced alongside her husband and brave son, our dear pediatric patient. Their experience is a testimony to the strength, love, and commitment that inspire us to continue forward in our mission of care and support.
Testimonials with soul
Discover the inspiring story of Sara Cárdenas Vélez, an 11-year-old benefactor who generously donated her hair to support children with cancer at Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe.
Testimonials with soul
Existen historias que nos enseñan, motivan e inspiran. Cesar llegó a nuestro Hospital para demostrarnos lo valientes, resilientes y fuertes que como humanos podemos llegar a ser. Servimos con el Alma para aportar a la calidad de vida de nuestros pacientes.

Upcoming Events at Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe

I Symposium: Key Issues for the General Practitioner

Fecha: 12 de julio de 2024.
Hora de inicio: 8:00 a.m.
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XI Jornada Académica de Pediatría: Hepatología Pediátrica - 18 de julio de 2024

Fecha: 18 de julio de 2024
Hora de inicio: 8:00 a.m.
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The Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital boasts advanced infrastructure, including state of the art emergency rooms, specialized intensive care units, and a helipad, ensuring exceptional and prompt medical care in a modern and secure environment.

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Medellín - Colombia - South America

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