Message from the Director

As of October 1, 2022, I have the honor of directing the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital, an institution that I carry in my heart and of which I have been a part for 28 years. The institutional purpose that excites us is to serve a community that in times of vulnerability needs us.

We are a reference for having good quality and safety practices, we support continuous and advanced training of our employees to strengthen technical, administrative and service skills, in order to provide excellent care and a memorable service experience. In addition, through innovation and research, we always seek to generate new knowledge.

The Hospital has a special interest in ensuring the welfare of its employees, "caring for those who care". As a Family-Responsible Institution (efr), we have numerous strategies that allow us to reconcile work and family life.

One of our fundamental values is compassion, which refers to the feeling of suffering and vulnerability of others, and drives us to accompany, welcome, understand and relieve.

We implement models of continuous improvement, which through national and international certifications and accreditations, allow us to provide a quality and safe service, both to the patient and to our collaborators and the environment.

The Hospital is a socially responsible company: we have a magnificent team that not only supports the needs of our patients, but also transcends to the local and national level. Making all these purposes a reality will allow us to move forward and continue to be the Hospital with Soul.

Antonio José Lopera Upegüi,
General Director

Strategic Map


To care for health and life with excellence and in a compassionate manner, generating and transmitting knowledge centered on the person, with a transcendent sense of social responsibility.


To be an outstanding Hospital in humanism, knowledge, research, innovation and for contributing to a better world.

Value Proposition

To provide solutions to health problems, preferably complex, through updated knowledge, team and interdisciplinary work, continuity of care and coordination with other agents; to achieve the best clinical results at reasonable costs and with an excellent service experience.

Our Institutional Values


We act with truthfulness, self-criticism, fairness, coherence and ethical impeccability; following straight principles and a motivation oriented to good ends.


We are moved by the feeling that, in the face of the suffering and vulnerability of others, we are driven to accompany, welcome, understand, alleviate or remedy such circumstances; placing ourselves at the side of those who suffer as a genuine form of love.


We treat others and ourselves with dignity, frankness and tolerance. We act with security and congruence between what we say and what we do, building warm and lasting relationships based on honest and truthful conduct.


We act with the purpose of achieving superior quality in the human, academic, administrative and technical-scientific fields, framed in a culture of continuous improvement.


We treat others according to their needs, circumstances or merits; valuing inequalities from an idea of justice.

Hospital Profile

We are a private non-profit foundation, providing health services to the community. Our mission is to care for health and life with excellence in a compassionate manner; likewise, to generate and transmit knowledge centered on the person, with a transcendent sense of social responsibility.

We are a hospital of fourth level of complexity (maximum complexity), of general and university character; for this reason, we carry out teaching activities with institutions of higher education at national and international level and we have agreements with institutions of training for work and human development.

More about our strategic direction

Service promise
  • Our reason for being is our patients, whom we recognize as unique beings deserving of respect. We contribute the best of ourselves to their recovery and well-being through timely, competent service, adhering to high technical and scientific standards.
  • We provide clear, respectful, sufficient, and truthful information, taking into account the patient, their family, and community.
  • We strive for the best outcomes with minimal risk and at a reasonable cost.
  • We are committed to managing available resources equitably, ethically, and efficiently, providing timely, necessary, and accurate information that facilitates continuity of care and the management of our common interests.
  • We foster teamwork, constructive dialogue, and timely decision-making.
  • We are a center for knowledge management through teaching and research for progress towards excellence.
Our Quality Policy

To ensure each patient receives timely, tactful, and minimally risky care, specifically tailored to their condition, familial and social context, and the advancements in healthcare sciences, in line with the Hospital's philosophy.

Additionally, to protect the environment, respect current legal frameworks, and achieve maximum satisfaction for both patients and all individuals or entities involved in the care process.

This policy entails adherence to and commitment to our management system for continuous improvement in the FUTURE.

Strategic Areas

Excellence in Care: Achieving superior clinical outcomes.

Knowledge and Innovation: Learning, researching, innovating, generating, and disseminating knowledge.

Operational Efficiency: Promoting financial sustainability, growth, and optimal resource utilization.

Social Responsibility and Legitimacy: Being a reference in healthcare, social, and environmental matters; transcending globally and contributing to community development.

Culture with Soul: Consolidating a motivated, competent, and continuously developing human team.