International Office

Welcome to our International Patient Office!

Here you will find a space designed exclusively for you. Our multilingual staff will accompany you during all stages of your medical care process; offering you guidance before, during and after your stay.

You will have access to multiple medical services of high quality and complexity, supported by a multidisciplinary team and advanced technology to meet your health needs.

Visit us without worries! We will arrange your medical appointments efficiently and will act as a bridge for direct and immediate contact with the treating physicians and your insurer; in addition, we will support you in the choice of hotel options, local tourist attractions and transportation solutions during your visit, making your experience and care process more agile and prioritized.

Request an appointment

Contact us through our email, or through our telephone numbers: +57 (604) 445 9425 and +57 (604) 445 9412.

We have a service line through Whatsapp. Write to us at +57 317 401 3663.

Our office hours for answers in English are Monday to Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Important information


After contacting our International Patient Office, keep in mind the following recommendations to ensure your complete care:

1. Send us your personal information, including your medical history and recent medical exams, for evaluation. The more we know about you, the more efficient our health recommendations will be.

2. If you have health insurance, we will need to know your information. You should confirm coverage details with your insurance company before you travel. If you do not have insurance, we can work with you to arrange your preferred method of payment.

3. If you are accepted as a patient at our Hospital, you will receive a confirmation and a quote for your treatment.
We will inquire about your travel availability, so please check your itinerary before calling or emailing our International Patient Office to avoid any setbacks.
We suggest waiting until your medical appointments are scheduled to purchase your tickets. In most cases, stays are a minimum of 5 to 8 business days, although some medical itineraries will require a longer stay.
Please allow enough time to obtain the necessary documentation and be aware of holidays in Colombia. Check the 2024 holidays here.

4. Let us know if you have any special needs. The sooner we know, the better we can serve you.

5. If you require lodging services, transportation or any other travel arrangements for your stay, consult with us to provide you with the best recommendations according to your needs.

6. Consult and process in advance the necessary documents to enter our country (passport and visa).

7. The payment of any procedure in our Hospital, must be paid in full before its realization. We have different payment methods to suit your needs: cash, international transfers and direct bank payment.
Always announce your payment before making it; this way we will be able to fill out the required currency report.

8. The aspects that are covered in your care are detailed in the budget provided by our International Patient Office. Any unspecified or extra services must be paid for additionally.

The final bill may experience changes with respect to the initial budget, as ordered and carried out by the health staff during your stay.

General information for your visit

Who is considered an international patient?

You can contact our International Patient Office if:

  • You are a Colombian or foreign national who has resided in another country for the last six months or more.
  • If you live in Colombia and have international medical insurance.

Entry conditions to Colombia

All individuals entering Colombia must complete the immigration form at international airports, land borders, or maritime ports within the national territory, stating the purpose of their trip.
For some citizens, it is necessary to present a tourist visa obtained at the respective consulate or embassy of Colombia in their country of origin. Its validity varies according to the type of visa requested and ranges from three months to three years.

For more information, visit:

How to get to Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe?

Our Hospital offers various transportation options:

Bus route

If you choose this transportation method, the following information will be useful to you: Routes number 308 and 309 of the Health Route cover all healthcare facilities in the city, including our Hospital.

Sistema de Metro

If you choose this transportation method, head to your nearest station and make your way to the Caribe Station, which is closest to our Hospital and adjacent to the North Bus Terminal. At this station, take the integrated Castilla route (a minibus connected to the Medellín Metro) and request to be dropped off at the main entrance of the Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe.

You can purchase an integrated Castilla ticket, which includes entry to the Metro plus a bus ticket. For your return trip, take the integrated minibus back to the Caribe station.

Taxi Service

For your safety and convenience, we recommend using the taxi service, which allows you to move from one place to another without making transfers. Request this service by phone or through our Hospital's supply center.

Our staff

In our International Patient Office, we have a multilingual team of professionals at your service:

MD, MSc Gloria Lucía Lema Zuluaga

International Patients Office Chief

Languages: Español, inglés, francés y portugués.

“One of my main functions is to accompany you in coordinating the care process with your treating physician in your place of residence.”

MD. Paula Alejandra Silva 

Medical Administrative Assistant at International Patients Office

Languages: Spanish and English.

"I am responsible for assessing your clinical information to determine which specialists you need and if you are a candidate to be treated at our Hospital."

Luis Alfonso López

Executive at International Patients Office

Languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

"I provide administrative support before your arrival in the city, during your health process, and afterwards when you are returning to your city."

Karla Vanessa Mena

International Patients Office Executive

Languages: Spanish and English.

"Provide administrative support before arrival in the city, during your health process, and afterward when you are returning to your city."

Olga Lucia Álvarez

International Patients Office Nursing Assistant

Languages: Spanish and English.

"I am responsible for preparing patients for all their procedures within the Hospital."

Yulieth Barrera

Appointment Coordinator at International Patients Office.

Languages: Spanish.

"I am in charge of managing all your medical appointments, ensuring the most efficient and timely care for you."

María Claudia Jaramillo 

Secretary at International Patients Office.

Languages: Spanish and English.

"I am here to welcome you and coordinate certain specific needs during your health process."

Tarjeta Preferencial HPTU
Tarjeta Preferencial HPTU
Nuestra Tarjeta Preferencial es la estrategia que permite a nuestros pacientes de pago directo acceder a descuentos especiales de algunos de nuestros servicios ambulatorios de manera inmediata, presentando una tarjeta personalizada otorgada por nuestro Hospital (de uso personal), en los puntos de servicio de nuestra institución. Pueden solicitarla todos los pacientes que realicen pago directo de los diferentes servicios establecidos en nuestros términos y condiciones.
Tarjeta Preferencial HPTU
Solicítala acercándote a nuestra oficina de Servicio al Cliente, ubicada en el primer piso de la Torre A (Al lado de la oficina de Bancolombia-Sede HPTU) de lunes a viernes de 7:00 a.m. a 5:00 p.m. y solicita tu tarjeta presentando tu documento de identificación. Llena el formulario con tus datos, acepta nuestra política de uso y tratamiento de datos personales y ¡listo!

International Patient Referral Form

This space is exclusively dedicated to insurers or health service providers that require sending or referring international patients for their care or diagnostic complementation at our Hospital. Please access the referral form and fill in the necessary information for the referral process.