Support the Hospital

For us, every gesture of support has a profound impact on the lives we touch every day; be that act of love that changes lives. Donate through various initiatives that reflect our commitment to the community and our patients.

Love Voucher

They are an initiative of the Hospital to raise funds through donations made in honor of a loved one. By purchasing a voucher, the honoree receives special recognition, and your contribution directly supports those who need it most.

Other ways to contribute

Hospital con Alma

Our "Hospital con Alma" program is born from the passion and dedication of our team to provide exceptional care to the community.

Donations received are invested in improving our infrastructure and technology, technological equipment and specific needs of the Hospital to provide you with a service with Soul.

Pablito Pedagogical Playroom

It is a space dedicated to mitigate the effects of hospitalization in children from 0 to 15 years old, offering an environment where they can play, learn and continue their education while facing complex illnesses.

This free program is supported by donations that help cover the educational costs and materials needed to maintain this haven of joy and learning.

Health Services Support

It provides quality of life to those who need it most. Through the donations made to this program, we contribute to subsidize vulnerable patients and their families during their treatment and/or hospitalization, and accompany them with different support groups so that they can cope with their illness in the best possible way.

HPTU Institute of Education

Be part of the purpose that unites us to support the education, food and transportation costs of economically disadvantaged young people; those who dream of dedicating their lives to helping those who need it most by becoming Auxiliary Nursing Technicians at the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital Education Institute.