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As a University Hospital, we recognize the important task of teaching and medical research for the benefit of the community, therefore we assume them as a transcendental activity in the formation of new human talent in health.

Our Education Department plans, coordinates and supervises the process of training practices of the students of the health area in the Hospital, in order to transmit knowledge to the personnel in training, guaranteeing the academic excellence of the students and a safe attention to the patients.

Our teaching activity is based on the teaching-service relationship with different technical, technological and professional training institutions in the health area in the country.

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Teaching - service agreements

Our teaching-service agreements reflect the link between Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and other organizations, with the purpose of training human talent in health through academic practices.

Learn more about our alliances with Higher Education Institutions and other information of interest here.


Discover in our education section how students from various disciplines can enrich their education through internships and practicums at the Hospital Universitario Pablo Tobón Uribe.

Learn about research programs, requirements and opportunities to get involved in a cutting-edge clinical environment, all while collaborating in the continuous improvement of medical care and innovation in health.

Student Guide

From induction to supervision, institutional welfare and access to our library and databases, this section provides you with all the information you need to maximize your educational and research experience in a practical and theoretical context.


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Dra. Catalina Bernal

Head of the Education Department

Ángela María Arias

Head of Education and Research - Nursing Department

Nadir Selene Cano

Administrative Coordinator - Education Department

Gloria Maricela Duque

Administrative Assistant - Education Department

Sebastián Ramírez 

Academic Unit and Library Assistant

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