Data processing policy

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Personal data processing policy

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Notice of Privacy

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Authorization for patient data processing

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RNBD database

1.Labor relationship management (Automated)
2. Retired personnel management (Automated)
3. Physical medical history
4. Physical security
5. Accepted and deferred blood and blood component donors (Physical)
6. Accepted and or deferred blood and blood components donors (Automated)
7. FSR PQR Management
8. Transplant information and follow-up
9. Patient management (Automated)
10. On-site IT Resource Management
11. Organ and Bone Tissue Donors (Automated)
12. Patient Referral Management
13. Organ donors (Physical)
14. Closed Circuit Television Discharge
15. Professionals private consultation
16. Attendees at awareness-raising workshops
17. Board of Directors
18. Promotion and recruitment management (Automated) 19.
19. Personnel promotion and selection management - Non-elected (Physical)
20. Labor Relationship Management (Physical)

21.Management of retired personnel (Physical)
22. Suppliers of goods and services
23. Entities Responsible for payment of health services (ERPS) 24.
24. Benefactors
25. Subjects of Scientific Research (Physics)
26. Subjects of Scientific Research (Automated)
27. Applicants to the Nursing Assistant program IE
28. Resumes Students and Alumni Institute of Education (Physics)
29. Legal Management
30. Target Audience Marketing
31. Academic Resumes of Applicants to the Nursing Assistant Program
32. Students and Alumni Institute of Education (Automated)
33. Follow-up to the exercise of the Graduate as a Nurse Assistant
34. Social Responsibility Programs
35. Management and follow-up of complementary services contracts 36.
Validation of risk alerts in public lists.
37. Distribution of grants from donations
38. Management of external correspondence
39. Management of payment of individuals (Automated)
40. Personnel linked under teaching-service agreement or internships
41. Management of payment of individuals (Physical)
42. Strategic Allies IE
43. Subjects of own scientific research