Executive Checkups

Executive checkups are a medical evaluation accompanied by a series of tests that, together, aim to detect risk factors or diseases early to intervene and prevent their negative influence on the patient's health.

Our services in Executive Checkups

The Executive Checkups are aimed at people concerned about the maintenance of their health, disease prevention and early detection and intervention of pathologies; with the responsibility to assume the changes in their habits and unhealthy lifestyles.

How is the care team formed?

We have an interdisciplinary health team attentive to accompany you during your stay in the program, composed of:

  • Internist physician: Leader of the medical checkup and in charge of taking the medical history, physical examination and integrating the information and analysis of the same.
  • Cardiologist: heart professional will accompany the stress test.
  • Nurse assistant: Personnel with training in customer service for check-ups, who receives the executive, provides personalized attention and coordinates the process. Schedules the delivery of results and additional appointments if necessary.
  • Radiologist: Professional in charge of performing and interpreting the diagnostic images derived from the process.
  • Bacteriologist: The person in charge of processing blood chemistry and hematology laboratory samples.
  • Check-up secretary: Person in charge of making appointments and administrative management.

Where are executive checkups performed?

The executive checkups are performed in our Hospital facilities (Tower B, 2nd floor, Diagnostic Aids area).

You will find spaces designed for your comfort and privacy during the development of the checkups, with internet access, coffee and water station, breakfast a la carte and permanent accompaniment of the nursing staff.


  • Do not drink liquor for 24 hours before the check-up.
  • Eat a light meal (not too abundant in fats or sugars) the night before or at least 8 hours before the exams.
  • Wear comfortable clothes to make the physical tests easier. You can also change clothes in the restroom.
  • Bring a stool sample for the stool test.
  • Bring a urine sample for the urine cytochemical test. This should be collected in the first urine of the morning, after genital cleansing.
  • If you take chronic medications, it is ideal that you bring their most recent formula or prescription.

How are the results delivered?

The results are delivered four working days after the exams, in an appointment agreed with the user. The individual report is delivered with diagnosis, cardiovascular risk assessment, recommendations for lifestyle changes and healthy habits.

It is also possible to download your results through our Online Services which you can access by clicking here, or by installing our HPTU Mobile App on your cell phone.

Find here the list of our professionals in executive checkup

Dr. Jorge Sánchez

Internist Physician

Dr. Byron Velásquez

Internist Physician

Dr. Luis Carlos Prada

Internist Physician

Dra. Natalia Arboleda

Internist Physician

Dr. Camilo Mora

Internist Physician

Dra. Natalia Zapata

Internist Physician

Contact us

Contact (604) 445 90 00 ext 8361# to request an appointment for Executive Check-ups.

Or message us on WhatsApp at +57 3147751125 or email us at chequeos@hptu.org.co.