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Who are we?

In 2006, with the initial authorization of the Municipal Secretary of Education of Medellin - resolution number 4369 of June 20, 2006 - the Nursing Assistant program was approved according to agreement 66 of the National Executive Committee, the National Council for the Development of Human Resources in Health and the Ministry of Social Protection. The Pablo Tobón Uribe Education Institute began activities with the training of 12 students.

Currently, the Pablo Tobón Uribe Education Institute has an operating license O04692 of June 4, 2009, from the Secretary of Education of Medellin and with modification of the license by Resolution No. 02636 of March 8, 2010.

The Institute is certified with the NTC 5555 in "Design and development of curricula in the area of health. Provision of training services for work in the areas of health" and with the NTC 5663 in "Training program for the work of Labor Technician in Nursing Assistant" by Icontec.

Currently the Labor Technician in Nursing Assistant program, is governed 201950109482 from November 20, 2019.

Supervised by the Secretary of Education of Medellin.

The certificate issued is Labor Technician in Nursing Assistant; it is not professional training.


Formar técnicos laborales en auxiliar en enfermería, con excelentes bases académicas y habilidades técnicas, fomentando una cultura de servicio, seguridad y profundo respeto por el ser humano, aportando a la transmisión de conocimiento para una formación integral y para atender las necesidades del sector salud.


Ser una institución reconocida en el ámbito educativo por su excelencia y calidad en la formación integral de personal auxiliar de enfermería en Colombia.

Información general: Instituto de Educación Pablo Tobón Uribe

Perfil ocupacional

Ofrecemos el programa de Técnico Laboral en Auxiliar en Enfermería de 1800 horas en 16 meses, de lunes a sábado. Los egresados están capacitados para trabajar en el sector salud tanto público como privado, en tareas de promoción, prevención, mantenimiento y recuperación de la salud. Otorgamos un certificado técnico, no una formación profesional.

Ocupaciones del egresado

El egresado del Instituto de Educación Pablo Tobón Uribe, puede desempeñarse en instituciones prestadoras de servicios de salud públicas y privadas en Colombia, en las diferentes áreas asistenciales ejecutando acciones de promoción, prevención, mantenimiento y recuperación de la salud, de acuerdo al nivel de complejidad de la institución.

Política de calidad

Propiciamos un proceso de excelente calidad en la formación integral del personal del área de la salud, fundamentado en el desarrollo del criterio, juicio moral y seguridad, basado en el proyecto educativo institucional, dando cumplimiento a los requisitos legales aplicables al sector educativo, logrando la satisfacción de las partes interesadas y mejoramiento continuo de la institución.

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Educamos para el trabajo y el desarrollo humano. Contamos con Inscripciones permanentes para estudiar Técnico Laboral en Auxiliar en Enfermería. Envía tu documentación completa al correo


The certificate issued is: Labor Technician in Nursing Assistant (not vocational training).

The Labor Technician in Nursing Assistant program has a duration of 1800 hours. The curriculum includes four training periods.

The average training time is 16 months, with an approved workday from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 6 pm.

The table describes the different modules and their duration. The fourth period consists of a complementary practice with an approach to work performance to strengthen the competencies related to the Labor Technician in Nursing Assistant. This period has a duration of 489 hours.


The Pablo Tobón Uribe Education Institute, (Education for Work and Human Development), sets its prices based on Law 115 of 1994 General Law of Education, National Decree 1075 of 2015 which regulates the organization, supply and operation of the provision of educational service for work and human development.

Annually, the Board of Directors meets and with the authorization of the Accreditation Unit of the Secretary of Education of Medellin, the educational costs for each year are defined.

Organization chart of the Education Institute

Nombre de la entidad: Instituto de Educación Pablo Tobón Uribe
Pertenece a: Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe
NIT: 890.901.826-2
Municipio: Medellín
Director / representante legal: Antonio José Lopera Upegui
Directora del Instituto: Paula Andrea Valencia Calle
Programa que ofrece: Técnico Laboral en Auxiliar en Enfermería basado en competencias.

El Instituto de Educación pertenece al Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe, en la estructura organizacional está ubicado en la división paramédica y depende del departamento de enfermería.

Habeas Data

If you are chosen to participate in the election process, the day you are assigned an informative meeting, you must bring the Habeas Data form printed and filled out. In addition, if you are a minor, you must attach your Birth Certificate.

If you are a minor, this authorization must be filled out by your guardian.

Information of interest:

Admission process

Our admission process begins with the review of the resumes of the applicants to define their participation. These must contain the complete documentation taking into account the following requirements:

  • Copy of the identity document showing that the applicant is at least 16 years old.
  • A copy of the diploma of graduation and a copy of the high school diploma.
  • Resume with contact information and basic information.
  • Grades from sixth grade to eleventh grade of high school, on letterhead authenticated by the educational institution.
  • Saber 11 test result with an average of 46 points to 43 points (sum of the result obtained in each of the areas, divided by the number of areas).

    As of 2014, the average must be equal to or higher than 215 points.

    During the process, applicants take an entrance test consisting of a knowledge test, group tests, interviews, assessment by Occupational Health, among others.

Students who enter the Pablo Tobón Uribe Education Institute, perform most of their clinical practices at the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital; an institution that offers highly complex health services, recognized as the first university hospital in Antioquia and accredited with excellence according to Icontec and internationally by The Joint Commission with the gold seal in health for its high standards of quality and safety in patient care.

The other clinical practices are performed in recognized health institutions through teaching-service agreements.


At the Instituto de Educación Pablo Tobón Uribe, we offer different benefits for the welfare of our students:

  • Scholarship benefit of 100% of the cost of the Training.
  • 100% of the students have a complete vaccination schedule, according to the protocols of the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital.
  • Opportunity for clinical internships at the Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe.

Currently, approximately 50% of our students have apprenticeship contracts with Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe, which are granted according to current regulations and the Hospital's possibilities.

  • Support and support from different areas of the Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe.
  • Complementary training in English and sports.
  • Values and social action training program.

Our highly qualified teaching staff is directly linked to the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital, which endorses its experience in health.

Our Education Institute has a high level of satisfaction from its students, with a rating above 95%, according to surveys conducted at the end of each theoretical-practical period.

Contact information

Our Pablo Tobón Uribe Education Institute is located at Diagonal 80 # 76 - 08, Barrio Robledo, Medellín, Antioquia - Colombia.

Contact us through the phone number +57 (604) 445 9000 extensions 5101# - 5102# or through our Whatsapp line 313 599 7414.

Hours of operation:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

For further information, please contact us by e-mail at

Our Staff

Paula Andrea Valencia Calle 
Pablo Tobón Uribe Education Institute

Nancy Stella Marín Vasco
Teaching Nurse - Academic Coordinator

Maria  Victoria Vasquez Arango
Nurse Educator

Lina Marcela Rodríguez Agudelo
Nurse Educator

Sonia María Góez Restrepo
Nurse Educator

Janeth Viviana Duque Zapata
Nurse Educator

Tulia Inés Aria Franco
Nurse Educator

Ana Isabel Vallejo Mora
Academic Secretary


Instituto de Educación Pablo Tobón Uribe

Casa 80
Dirección: Av. 80 #76-08, Robledo

Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia