Security Goals

Commitment to patient safety:
Our six fundamental goals

At Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe, we have a commitment to maximum safety in the care of our patients; therefore, we have established six fundamental goals that include the implementation of critical verification processes, essential values reporting, safe medication management, safety breaks in surgical procedures, and preventive measures in the patient's environment.

Each of these goals is a pillar in our mission to ensure safe, high-quality care for all our patients:

Goal #1

Correctly identify the patient

We define the use of two identifiers that are verified during the health care process before administering drugs and blood products, when performing invasive procedures, when taking laboratory samples and when transferring patients between units.

Goal #2

Strategies focused on patient safety

We apply critical value reporting and the 45TTT strategy in key areas to ensure patient safety.

We use the SBAR method for effective communication between caregivers, essential in patient transfer and in procedures such as sample collection and inter-unit transfers.

Goal #3

Safe medication handling practices

We standardized the labeling and storage of high-risk drugs in pharmacies and emergency areas, in addition to centralizing the preparation of high-risk mixtures in the Magistral Preparation Center, incorporating relevant safety alerts.

Goal #4

Safety breaks

We perform safety breaks as a strategy to reduce the risk in the patient's surgical intervention, verify their identification, diagnosis, procedure, organ and specific place of intervention, availability of supplies, clarification of doubts and agreements between the assistance team and checklist available in the clinical history.

Goal #5

Clean care is safe care

We recognize hand hygiene as a key factor in the prevention of infections such as ventilator-associated pneumonia, care-associated bacteremia, urinary tract infection, surgical site infection and multi-resistant microorganisms. To ensure safe care, we equip, sensitize and educate care areas, patients, family members and caregivers.

Goal #6

Reduce the risk of harm to the patient due to falls

We identify the patient's risk of falling from admission and implement measures to reduce it: patient and companion education, signage and preparation of a suitable physical environment with non-slip surfaces, supports in bathrooms and showers, adequate lighting and call system.

Every aspect of our hospital is designed to ensure a safe and reliable environment for our patients and their families.

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