We are firmly committed to providing the highest quality care with the highest level of integrity and transparency. This commitment is reflected in the dedication and professionalism of our Oversight Bodies: Board of Directors, Vocals, and Management Committee; who are fundamental entities in our organizational structure, ensuring that our operations and services are always aligned with the highest ethical and quality standards in healthcare.

Board of Directors

  • President:
    Javier Ignacio Jaramillo Velásquez

  • First Vice President:
    Carlos Ignacio Gallego Palacio

  • Second Vice President:
    Lina Vélez de Nicholls
  • Juan Manuel Gómez Roldán
    Representative of the Mayor's Office of Medellín

  • Josefina María Agudelo Trujillo
    Representative of the Governor of Antioquia

  • Francisco Hernán Sierra Lopera
    Representative of the Society for Public Improvement

  • Pbro. Octavio Barrientos Gómez
  • Carlos Felipe Londoño Álvarez
  • Maria Carolina Uribe Arango
  • Gonzalo Correa Arango
  • Clara Inés Sanchez Francos

Management Committee:

  • Managing Director:
    Antonio José Lopera Upegui
  • Quality Division Head:
    María Victoria Restrepo Ceballos
  • Chief of Operations Officer:
    Gustavo Adolfo Gutiérrez Soto
  • Chief Medical Officer:
    Carlos Alberto Cadavid Gutiérrez
  • Chief Paramedical Division:
    Ligia María Henao Henao
  • Chief Administrative and Financial Division:
    Luisa Fernanda Ramírez Posada
  • Chief Human Resources Management Division:
    Maria Adelaida Mesa Álvarez
  • Chief Internal Control Division:
    Andrés Felipe Pineda Cuartas
  • General Secretary and Legal Affairs:
    Nathalia Velásquez Correa