We connect lives from above! Our hospital heliport provides access to highly complex hospital care for those patients who, due to their geographic context, require emergency medical management and cannot be transported to a medical center by land, thus avoiding risks associated with transportation and reducing the time between emergency and care.

Security consignment

  • The Pablo Tobón Uribe heliport does not allow the entry of weapons, ammunition, explosive devices and dangerous substances. These must remain in the aircraft.

  • When receiving the heliport patient, the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital does not receive medical supplies, medicines or garments in custody. The medical supplies, medical equipment and bio-sanitary waste must be removed by the aeromedical crew that transported the patient.

  • The security coordinators are the heliport operators, therefore access to the platform in a safe manner will only be done with prior verification by these personnel.

  • The Pablo Tobón Uribe heliport only operates during daylight hours (check sunrise and sunset times).
  • According to the aeronautical regulations for civil heliports, the personal information of the helicopter occupants is essential for disembarking.

  • Pets, packages or cargo that are not related to the patient's care process are not allowed.

  • The use of cell phones is not allowed at the heliport, nor is the registration of the aircraft, crew, patients or Hospital collaborators.

Coordinates of the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital Heliport, here.

Sunrise and sunset chart: Heliport Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe

Contact us

Exclusive hotline for helicopter patient referral: (604) 445 99 00 or cellular: 3104062516