Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Our emergency service focuses on high-complexity care for patients presenting with various conditions such as trauma (physical injury caused by external factors like accidents, falls, blows, or wounds), cancer, transplant patients, and pediatric patients.

Our services in Emergency Services


Patients are swiftly assessed by trained nurses who prioritize care based on signs and symptoms of severity. They are categorized into 5 levels, providing greater opportunity and safety according to the complexity and severity of their condition.

  • Fast Track Area

A rapid care area for minor emergencies in adults and pediatric patients. Our fast track service includes:

  • Permanent on-duty physicians and orthopedic traumatologists
  • Independent care area
  • Exclusive waiting room

  • Emergency Area

Urgent care and emergency services for adult and pediatric patients. We have a large number of on-site specialties available 24 hours a day, including:

  • General surgery
  • Internal medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Orthopedics and traumatology
  • Care for intoxicated patients
  • Isolation room
  • Observation and initial care rooms
  • Area for patients with insurance and prepaid medicine.
Our professionals in Emergency Services

Andrés Felipe Estrada

M.D. Urgentologist - Head of Emergency Services

Jaime Andrés Giraldo

M.D. Urgentologist

María Claudia Rojas

M.D. Urgentologist

Marcela Castro

M.D. Urgentologist

Alejandra Zuluaga

M.D. Urgentologist

María Claudia Uribe 

M.D. Urgentologist

Sebastián Betancur

M.D. Urgentologist

María Nelly Milfort

M.D. Urgentologist

Diego Fernando Abreo

M.D. Urgentologist

Diego Ericcson Giraldo Builes

M.D. Urgentologist

Sebastián Moreno Quimbay

M.D. Urgentologist

Lina María Escobar

M.D. Urgentologist

Juan Manuel Robledo

M.D. Urgentologist

David Alejandro Osorio

M.D. Urgentologist

When to check Emergency Services?

Our emergency services focus on high-complexity care. Therefore, here are some characteristics that may indicate an emergency and could help you decide to seek medical attention at an emergency medical center:

  • Chest pain with sweating and difficulty breathing
  • Loss of consciousness or fainting
  • Accidents resulting in mutilations
  • Falls, fractures, or severe blows
  • Excessive or uncontrollable bleeding
  • Sudden changes in mental capacity and/or muscle strength
  • Unusually strong and sudden headaches
  • Cardiac or respiratory arrest
  • Fever in children under one year old
  • Symptoms of appendicitis
  • Symptoms of poisoning from exposure to substances or risk factors
  • Alterations in mental status (the person does not recognize family members or acquaintances, feels disoriented in time, or speaks incoherently).
Comprehensive Care

Our comprehensive health approach aims to ensure the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of each patient by offering holistic and personalized care throughout their stay, with the following support services:

Specialized Nursing

We have specialized nursing staff dedicated to urgent care.

Clinical Psychology

We provide psychological support to patients and their families who are hospitalized or require specialized outpatient consultation for their condition.

Clinical Nutrition

We provide the best nutritional care for patients, emphasizing high-complexity cases, in a comprehensive, timely, friendly, and safe manner, in coordination with the interdisciplinary healthcare team.


We ensure successful pharmacological therapy with quality care and attention to patients, minimizing risks.

Other Comprehensive Support Services

  • Social Work
  • Laboratory Testing
Contact us

Contact our emergency service at (604) 445 94 21 for immediate assistance.

For general inquiries or information, please call (604) 445 90 00.