Liver transplantation (adult and pediatric)

Liver transplantation (adult and pediatric)

Considered one of the most important advances from the therapeutic point of view, liver transplantation consists of exchanging the organ that presents acute or chronic liver failure with irreversible damage, for an organ in optimal conditions that comes from a deceased donor or a living donor.

This procedure provides a 90% overall life expectancy in the first year after transplantation and 70% ten years after the intervention. The success of the transplant is determined by the timely detection of the need for transplantation.

Basic care

Basic care of the transplanted patient:

Replacing organs is a procedure that requires attention and care during and after the surgical intervention; therefore, it is necessary to be monitored by specialized physicians.

Use of immunosuppressants: They prevent the new organ from being rejected by the patient's organism. It is important that they are administered at the indicated time, in the specified amount and the medication ordered by the specialist (they should not be suspended for any reason).

Care of the surgical wound: The incision should be washed only with soap and water, avoid the use of creams and gauze. Inform the transplant group if you have redness, warmth, pain or any discharge through the wound.

Food preparation: Preferably food should be prepared at home with good hygienic practices, to avoid vomiting or diarrhea in the patient. It is necessary to check expiration dates of the products, refrain from eating food prepared in the street or fruits without cleaning.

Outdoor protection: During the first two or three months post-transplant, the patient should use a high-flow mask (N95) in outdoor places and should avoid frequenting enclosed spaces with many people and direct sun contact with the skin, sunscreen should be applied daily.

Physical activity: Walking is the only physical activity recommended for the patient.

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Our professionals at Liver transplantation (adult and pediatric)

Adult Hepatology

Juan Carlos Restrepo

M.D. Hepatologist and liver transplant coordinator.

Juan Ignacio Marín

M.D. Hepatologist

Oscar Santos

M.D. Hepatologist

Octavio Muñoz

M.D. Hepatologist

Pediatric Hepatology

Patricia Ruiz

M.D. Pediatric gastroenterologist

Alfredo Santamaría

M.D. Pediatrician

Margarita Suárez

M.D. Pediatric gastroenterologist

Liver Transplant Surgeons

Carlos Guzmán

M.D. Liver Transplant Surgeon

Álvaro Mena

M.D. Liver Transplant Surgeon

Sergio Hoyos

M.D. Liver Transplant Surgeon

Sebastián Tobón

M.D. Liver Transplant Surgeon

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