Knee transplant

Knee transplant

Knee transplantation or knee arthroplasty is a biological replacement of a section of the knee that is affected, in order to return in an adequate way to the activities of daily life. It is a bridge or salvage operation for patients who have contraindications for other types of knee transplants, such as those with autoimmune diseases or immunodeficiencies that could make it difficult for them to accept artificial implants or their own tissues.

Basic care

Knee transplantation is indicated for young and active patients who have lost a segment of the joint, which is replaced by mature cartilage from a donor. Our transplantation does not cause any type of histocompatibility rejection, making it a safe surgery. However, we must consider the following basic care for a successful recovery:

  • Avoiding infections in the wounds
  • Maintaining proper pain management before and after the operation
  • Avoiding putting weight on the knee in the first few weeks after surgery
  • Not smoking or using hallucinogenic substances
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M.D Orthopedist. Head of the Orthopedic Service.

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