Intestinal and Multivisceral Transplant

Intestinal and Multivisceral Transplant

Small intestine transplant is a surgical procedure performed when the patient has short bowel syndrome, premalignant intestinal polyposis, aggressive desmoid tumors located in the mesentery, enterocyte failure secondary to radiation enteritis, inflammatory bowel disease, selective autoimmune enteropathy, among others.

Basic care

Replacing organs is a procedure that requires attention and care during and after the surgery; thus, control by specialized doctors is necessary.

Use of immunosuppressants: These prevent the new organ from being rejected by the patient's body. It is important that they are administered at the specified time, in the specified amount, and as prescribed by the specialist. They should not be discontinued under any circumstances.

Surgical wound care: The incision should be washed only with water and soap. Avoid using creams and bandages. Inform the transplant team if you experience redness, heat, pain, or any discharge from the wound.

Food preparation: Food should preferably be prepared at home with good hygiene practices to avoid vomiting or diarrhea in the patient. It is necessary to check the expiration dates of products and refrain from consuming food without proper cleaning or when adequate handling conditions cannot be ensured.

Protection outdoors: During the first two or three months post-transplant, the patient should use a high-flow mask (N95) in outdoor areas and avoid crowded indoor spaces and direct sun exposure. Sunscreen should be applied daily.

Physical activity: Walking is the only recommended physical activity for the patient.

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