The toxicology service focuses on the care of patients in contact with any type of chemical or substance that has caused health issues. This can happen voluntarily or involuntarily; the patient's assessment determines the type of treatment that will be provided throughout their treatment and rehabilitation process.

Our services in Toxicology

We offer a general evaluation of the patient's needs and direct them to the appropriate program. We guarantee the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of:

  • Occupational Toxicology

Constant exposure to environmental toxins or chemicals.

  • Reactions to Medications

Hospitalized patients experiencing adverse drug reactions.

  • Acute Poisoning

Patients suffering from voluntary or involuntary chemical or poison intoxication.

  • Polymedicated Treatment

Patients who take multiple medications due to their diagnoses.

  • Substance Abuse

Patients suffering from intoxication by psychoactive substances, requiring detoxification and rehabilitation.

Our Toxicology service includes specialized programs such as:

  • Smoking Cessation Program

Provided by a toxicologist trained in addictions, who monitors the patient. Psychological support is implemented when necessary.

  • Alcoholism Program

A comprehensive approach is used by combining toxicology and psychology. This program is intensive and involves seven therapists: toxicologist, psychiatrist, hepatologist, internist, psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist, and nutritionist.

Our professionals in Toxicology

Joaquín Ernesto López Lara

M.D. Toxicologist - Area Coordinator

Claudia Andrea Cortés López

M.D. Toxicologist

When to check Toxicology?

If you are exposed to or at risk of exposure to any of the following conditions, you might consider consulting with a toxicologist:

  • Ingestion, inhalation, or contact with toxic substances:

If you suspect that you or someone else has ingested, inhaled, or come into contact with toxic substances, especially those that can be harmful to health, seek the attention of a toxicologist.

  • Severe food poisoning:

In the case of severe food poisoning with symptoms such as vomiting, intense diarrhea, high fever, or any worrying symptoms.

  • Exposure to chemicals at work:

If you work in environments where you are exposed to hazardous chemicals and experience symptoms related to the exposure, a toxicologist can evaluate the risks and provide recommendations.

  • Exposure to toxic products at home:

In cases of accidental exposure to household chemicals, such as pesticides, cleaning products, or similar toxic substances, a toxicologist can assess the risk and provide guidance on the steps to take.

  • Overdose of medications or recreational drugs:

If you suspect an overdose of prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, or recreational drugs, a toxicologist can evaluate the situation and provide advice on the appropriate treatment.

  • Exposure to natural poisons or toxins:

If there is a suspicion of exposure to natural poisons or toxins, such as poisonous plants, dangerous animals, or insect bites, a toxicologist can evaluate the situation and provide medical advice.

  • Adverse reactions to chemicals:

In cases of adverse reactions to cosmetic products, medications, or common-use chemicals, a toxicologist can assess the possible causes and guide the management of complications.

Comprehensive Care

Our holistic health approach aims to ensure the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of each patient by offering personalized and comprehensive care through the following support services:

We process various samples, including blood, substances, or tissues, to detect abnormalities and provide more accurate diagnoses.

Clinical Psychology
We offer psychological support to patients and their families who are hospitalized or require specialized outpatient consultations for their conditions.

Clinical Nutrition
We provide the best nutritional care for patients, with a focus on high complexity cases, in an integral, timely, kind, and safe manner, in coordination with the interdisciplinary health team.

Social Work
We offer comprehensive support to patients and their families, recognizing their protective factors, internal resources, and personal, family, and social situations to enhance adherence to outpatient treatments proposed by the medical team.

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