Health Technology Assessment Committee

We were born in August 2005 as an initiative of the Department of Cancerology for the evaluation of technologies in the care of cancer patients. Subsequently, we changed our name and methodology to become the Health Technology Assessment Committee, generating to date more than 100 reports of evaluated technologies.

Our mission as Health Technology Assessment Committee

We provide reliable information based on the best evidence that contributes to scientific research, in order to support decision making and incorporate high-impact, efficient, cost-effective, low-risk and financially viable health technologies; to favor high complexity and safe clinical practice.

Committee Members
  • Head of the Quality Division
  • Head of the Medical Division
  • Head of the Clinical Management Department
  • Medical Epidemiologist of the Teaching and Research Unit
  • Clinical epidemiologists who lead the preparation of the reports.
  • Representative of the Pharmaceutical Services Department

According to the type of technology to be evaluated, different professionals from other services are invited.

Our responsibilities as Health Technology Assessment Committee

We perform the evaluation of the different technologies through the following steps:
  • We receive the evaluation requests and the selection of topics to be reviewed.
  • We elaborate the questions to be answered (patients in whom the technology will be used, the technology to be evaluated, its comparator or alternative, the expected results or impact and the time in which it is expected to occur).
  • We perform the search for scientific evidence and make the selection of key studies for the case.
  • We perform the evaluation of the evidence-based literature.
  • We discuss as a group and make a preliminary report of conclusions and recommendations.
  • We promote the review by the clinical or administrative areas of interest.
  • We publish and disseminate the results within the Hospital.