Bioethics Committee

As an interdisciplinary, permanent and deliberative committee, we provide support to the healthcare and administrative team in the discussion of ethical dilemmas that arise in medical care and biomedical research, through education, policy formulation, case analysis and self-evaluation.

Our mission as Bioethics Committee

Promote rational discussions to smooth out difficulties involving the individual and in many cases the society due to limited resources, through:

  • The strengthening and the possibility of decision making involving ethical dilemmas.
  • The study of cases and protocols of clinical ethics, the analysis of the relationships between health professionals with their patients and family.
  • Biomedical research, human experimentation, political, economic and health issues.
  • Rational discussions that address the difficulties of the individual and in many cases to society for its limited resources.
Our responsibilities as Bioethics Committee
  • Strengthen the knowledge of the members of the Bioethics Committee.
  • To provide education to all collaborators of the Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital on issues related to our mission.
  • To issue general guidelines and orientations on bioethical issues.
  • To be an instance of consultation and advice for the analysis of cases.
  • To be an instance of audit and review for cases that present ethical dilemmas or generate doubts in the health care team.
  • To ensure compliance with the duties and rights of patients.