Ophthalmology is the medical specialty responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the eyes and surrounding tissue. At our hospital, we focus on treating patients with complex eye diseases or ocular trauma.

We work closely with Optometry for the management of visual defects and the medical-surgical management of diseases.

Our services in Ophthalmology

We provide diagnosis and treatment for hospitalized patients and those with ocular trauma. Additionally, we offer the following services in ophthalmology:

  • Ocular plastic surgery: Pathology via lacrimal and orbit reconstruction.
  • Oculoplastic and orbit oncology: Responsible for everything related to ocular tumors and periorbital tissue. The latter encompasses the orbit, eyelids, and other tissues in the area.
  • Glaucoma: It's the third leading cause of vision loss. Glaucoma affects the optic nerve and, in most patients, is associated with increased intraocular pressure, although it's often asymptomatic. Early detection is crucial to prevent irreparable damage.
  • Pediatric ophthalmology: Diseases specific to children, treated up to the age of 15.
  • Strabismus: A condition caused by diseases or trauma that result in ocular deviations.
  • Retina and vitreous: Diseases affecting the back of the eye, an extension of the central nervous system. These diseases can result from direct retinal damage or indirectly from systemic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.
  • Cataract surgery: Correction of the leading cause of blindness.
Our professionals in Ophthalmology

Carlos Alberto Restrepo Peláez

M.D. Ophthalmologist - Head of Ophthalmology

Cristina González Borrero

M.D. Ophthalmologist, subspecialist in Ocular Oncology, Orbit, and Oculoplastic Surgery

Mónica Ortiz Pérez

M.D. Ophthalmologist, subspecialist in Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

Sebastián Orrego

M.D. Ophthalmologist

Kevin Arango Simoni

M.D. Ophthalmologist specializing in vitreous and retina

Luis Fernando Velásquez

M.D. Ophthalmologist

Carlos Mario Franco Echeverri

M.D. Ophthalmologist

When to check Ophthalmology?

You should consider scheduling a consultation with an ophthalmologist (a specialist in eye health) in various situations, such as:

  • Changes in vision: If you experience sudden changes in vision, like blurry vision, loss of peripheral vision, or difficulty focusing on objects.
  • Persistent eye pain or irritation: Prolonged eye pain, redness, or irritation can be signs of various eye conditions, and an ophthalmologist can diagnose and treat the underlying cause.
  • Change in eye color: Changes in iris color can signal eye problems such as glaucoma. An ophthalmologist can perform exams to detect potential conditions.
  • Family history of eye diseases: If you have a family history of eye diseases like glaucoma or macular degeneration, regular eye exams are advisable as a preventive measure.
  • Eye injuries or trauma: If you experience eye injuries, whether from accidents or blows, they should be evaluated by an ophthalmologist to prevent complications and ensure proper recovery.
Comprehensive Care

Our comprehensive health approach aims to ensure the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of each patient, offering holistic and personalized care during their stay through the following support services:

Diagnostic Support
We conduct complementary studies to the patient's clinical evaluation to confirm a diagnosis and undertake therapeutic actions.

We process various samples, whether blood, substances, or tissues, to identify abnormalities, ensuring a more accurate diagnosis.

Social Work
We provide comprehensive support to patients and their families, recognizing their protective factors, internal resources, personal, family, and social situations to enhance adherence to the outpatient treatments proposed by the medical team.

Rehabilitation Unit
We have specialists in various rehabilitation areas for the recovery of patients with conditions causing temporary or permanent limitations.

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