Information for your stay

Teaching to care

Identify depression

Join Dr. Evila Cabrera to learn about depression in children and adolescents.

Humanized parenting

Enter the chat with our nursing staff to learn the guidelines for humanized parenting.

Emotional management after stay

Join a chat with our nursing staff to learn about emotional management after your hospital stay.

Sudden infant death

Join Dr. Carolina Tamayo and learn about sudden death syndrome, which has a very high mortality rate, so we must prevent it from occurring.

How to perform pediatric CPR?

Learn how to perform pediatric CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) in this workshop with nurse Sandra Florez.

Healthy Habits

Enter the chat with our nursing staff to learn about healthy habits in our children.

Breastfeeding Week

Enter the conference as part of breastfeeding week to learn about healthy eating and infection management in infants.

Intoxications in children

Enter the conference with Dr. Carolina Giraldo, to learn about poisoning in children and how to prevent it.

Convulsions in children

Enter the conference with Pediatrician Ana del Mar Cortina, to learn about seizures in children.

Foreign body airway obstruction (FBAO)

Knows the techniques and information to take into account to act in case of airway obstruction by a foreign body in children.

How to handle stress in children?

Know the reasons or situations that can generate stress in children and what actions to implement to avoid it.

Risk of premature birth:

Learn about the risks of prematurity with Dr. Ana Lucia Torres.


Learn about the precautions, uses and recommendations to take into account when administering medications with nurses Erika Álvarez and Laura Villamil.

Diarrhea in children

Learn about the symptoms, warning signs and possible causes of acute diarrheal disease in children from pediatrician Lina Betancur.

Early stimulation

Learn about early stimulation in the different stages of children. Get to know them and apply them.

Asthma in children

Let's learn with pediatric physician Edna Karina García about asthma in children, its triggers and the crisis scheme.

Fall prevention

Enter the talk with pediatric nurse Juliana Gómez to identify how to prevent falls in our children.

Accident prevention at home

Join nurses Nelly Mena and Adriana Ramirez to learn about ways to prevent accidents at home.

Warning signs

Enter the conference with pediatric nurse Natalia Saldarriaga who will teach us what are those warning signs that we must take into account before going to the emergency department.

Skin care

Join nurses Sandra Flórez and Laura Saavedra to learn about essential skin care for children.

Fever in children

Conference with Martha Luz Contreras, Pediatrician.

Respiratory infections

Enter the conference with pediatrician Catalina Mesa to learn about respiratory infections in children and how to prevent them.

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