Allergology is dedicated to caring for patients with diseases of allergic origin, caused by environmental, food-related, infectious, and/or medicinal agents.

Our services in Allergology

We provide diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment for patients with allergic diseases through the following services:

  • Institutional Consultation
  • Institutional Consultation at the Allergy Clinic
  • In-hospital Care for Allergic Conditions Management
  • In-hospital Desensitization with Medications
  • Prick Test with Aeroallergens and Foods
  • Drug Provocation Tests
  • Intradermal Tests with Medications
  • Food Provocation Tests
Our professionals in Allergology

Paola Andrea Gómez Pineda

Allergist Doctor

Yuliana Toro Colorado

Allergist Doctor

When to check Allergology?

You should consult an allergist if you experience allergy symptoms that significantly affect your quality of life or if you have severe symptoms that could indicate a potentially dangerous allergic reaction. Some reasons to consult one of our allergy professionals include:

  • Possible Reaction Symptoms: If you experience allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, hives, or difficulty breathing associated with weather changes or external conditions.
  • Past or Recurrent Allergic Reactions: If you have had severe allergic reactions in the past, such as anaphylaxis (a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction affecting multiple body systems), it is crucial to seek specialized medical attention to prevent future complications.
  • Food Allergies: If you suspect food allergies or experience unusual reactions when coming into contact with certain foods like nuts, seafood, or spices, it is essential to consult an allergist.
Comprehensive Care

Our comprehensive health approach aims to ensure the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of each patient by offering holistic and personalized care during their stay through the following support services:

We process various samples, whether blood, substances, or tissues, to detect anomalies and achieve a more accurate diagnosis.

Diagnostic Support
We conduct supplementary studies to the patient's clinical evaluation to confirm a diagnosis and implement therapeutic actions.

Clinical Nutrition
We provide the best nutritional care to patients, focusing on high complexity cases, in an integral, timely, kind, and safe manner, in coordination with the interdisciplinary health team.

We ensure successful pharmacological therapy with quality care and attention for patients, minimizing risks.

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